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Home heating with Infrared

Your heating solution for living areas

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Infrared Heaters for Kitchens and Living Areas

Herschel Infrared heaters provide a heating solution for all your home living areas that add to the aesthetics of your house whilst keeping you comfortably warm. A great choice for all rooms in your house, ensuring people feel cosy and comfortable from the lovely, non-stuffy feeling of warmth created from radiant heating.


You’ll wish you had changed earlier

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Home Heating with Infrared

All our panels look great in every room, with mirrors being particularly popular in bathrooms and corridors. Why not have a picture panel for your living room in your own stylish frame? Or a glass panel you can use in your kitchen as a dry-wipe message board? Make your heating work for you in an innovative way.

Our white panels can be ceiling or wall mounted. Because the infrared heats the room itself, cold floors are a thing of the past without the need for expensive underfloor heating. Our panels are low energy consumption making them ideal to combine with solar, battery storage and other renewable electricity generation for truly sustainable heating.

Combined with our specially designed thermostat controls you can heat your rooms exactly when you need them to be warm so you do not waste energy or cost. Set your heater to come on first thing in the morning and when you are ready for bed so you are perfectly warm when you use your bedroom. Most people like to wake up in a warm bedroom but dislike that stuffy feeling. Our heaters provide a fresher heat and prevent the circulation of dust creating a healthy living space.

Home heating with infrared is easy with Herschel. We will provide you with an infrared heater solution that you’ll wish you had changed to earlier. Don’t just take our word for it – take a look at what our customers are saying.



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